branding portrait for murray hurst interiors in designer kitchen in Leeds
Olivia Brabbs

Olivia Brabbs

Murray Hurst Interiors

Personal Branding Photography in Leeds

personal branding portrait in designer kitchen in Leeds for murray hurst interiors

This was a gorgeous personal branding commission to work on.  Natalie is the designer behind Murray Hurst Interiors and works with clients across Harrogate and Leeds.

This shoot is a brilliant example of how choice of environment can really elevate a shoot to another level.  Due to the nature of her work Natalie was in a fortunate position to be able to use one of her client’s properties as a location.  This beautiful property in Headingley in Leeds offered a stunning open plan kitchen and living room.  Flooded with soft natural light with a neutral colour palette the space was perfect for the shoot.

Natalie handpicked some key wardrobe pieces that really popped against the neutral spaces of the interior.

personal brand portrait for interior designer in Leeds
murray hurst interiors arranging pink tulips on a personal branding photography shoot in leeds
portrait of interior designer natalie murray-hurst
branding portrait at desk with laptop for murray hurst interiors
interior designers collaborating on a project on a branding photography shoot for murray hurst interiors
vision board box for murray hurst interiors showcasing fabric and colour samples
image of designers at work on branding shoot for murray hurst interiors

I understand that not all of us are as lucky as Natalie to have a wonderful set of picture perfect locations to pick from.  Location is always a key part of my shoot planning discussions with clients.  Sometimes the nature of a business dictates the location but where there is scope to explore options this is where some creative thinking really comes to the fore.  Over the years I’ve built up some brilliant contacts with hotels and other hospitality businesses.  People are always incredibly generous with their spaces for shoots.  Cafes and bars can offer some amazing options but I’m always very cautious that this kind of image has become a bit dated. I know with my photography eye I’ll spot things that others wouldn’t necessarily see but it’s so tiring seeing personal branding portraits with random things and people in the image.  

For a really special shoot there are specialist location hire companies who have some astounding properties on their books.  This of course means a bit extra on the investment side of things for the shoot but with careful planning a location choice at this level can give a really in-depth portfolio of branding images that will take your business through for months to come.  The set of images will also have a very unique feel to help you stand out from the coffee shop crowd.  From a photographer’s perspective this level of location is amazing to work with.  It can really build creativity as rather than problem solving your way out of dodgy light and unflattering and uncluttered backdrops you are spoilt for choice and options!   

At the end of the day though it’s all about the light!  My job is to hunt out the best backdrops in a location and after assessing choices will often make location suggestions to clients that they would never have thought of. Less exciting areas can be made to look more appealing with use of professional level lenses that throw backgrounds into blurry soft focus.  If the photography will be taking place at your own premises then it’s worth taking the time to have a good tidy up in advance of the shoot.  You’ll be amazed how much time on a shoot I can spend cleaning and sorting!  Have everything looking smart and ready to go and you’ll be getting the most out of your photography investment.   

For some location inspiration you can see some of the different backdrops that clients have opted for through my BRANDING PORTRAIT PORTFOLIO. Instagram and Pinterest are fantastic visual resources too for pulling together vision boards to support shoot planning. 

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